Advance Career Training – Pluses and Minuses

Advancing your career with additional training; consider both sides.There is one basic reason to consider advanced career training. That is the reason to further and grow your current career. Whether your advanced training is in the medical, management, technology or some other field the main factor behind your decision is to advance your career. A further consideration may not be to advance your career so much but to keep up with the changes going on in your career or industry so you continue to qualify for the position.Generally, there are both plus and minus reasons to be considered before planning advanced career training. While there are many positive reasons the negative reasons should also be considered in your decision.Let’s review some of the reasons that deserve consideration. Positive reasons for advanced career training are the first things that come to your mind when considering such training. These reasons may include the following:o Career Promotion: In considering advanced career training, you always plan for the possibility of career promotion. Your value to your employer will increase and many times this is a prerequisite for promotion and greater responsibility.o Awareness on updates in the area of expertise: Keeping yourself knowledgeable about the latest developments in your area of expertise is critical. As you become more knowledgeable your productivity and effectiveness will increase. Hopefully the added training will lead to greater earnings.o Involvement in specialized training: Being involved in specialized yet advanced career training enables you to become highly-skilled and experienced in your particular career.o Enhance your Resume: A completed training course can look good in your resume especially if you have acquired advanced career training which is highly in demand and very relevant in the present time. Advanced career training is essential if you decide to make a career change. It is necessary to get you prepared for the next level of career challenges and responsibilities.Before you consider your advanced career training there are also some negative reasons that you may consider. They are as follows:o Redundancy of Information: If you have the initiative of self-study in some preferred or highly in demand skills but you’ve already learned the required information and now your employer requires the training, there’s a great possibility that you will be required to spend valuable time going over what you already know. However, if there is a “ticket punching” requirement you may have no choice but to attend the training.o Additional Risks Taking Your Career to the Next Level: The added training may be oversold so in reality you may not be as prepared t o move to the next level. Carefully study this factor before making your decision.Advanced career training, in general, serves as an integral part of continuing education and career development. If however, the key ingredients for advancing your career are present in the additional training, approach the activity with a positive attitude and you’ll maximize the results to your career.

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