Eating Disorder Help – 5 Ways to Feel Better About Yourself Now

You can feel badly about yourself because you have an eating disorder or you can have an eating disorder because you feel badly about yourself. Either way, getting eating disorder help means you take steps to feel better about yourself. You can choose recovery or you can choose to live in self-loathing. It’s really up to you.Research has shown that continuing to feel badly about yourself can hinder your eating disorder recovery. I’m here to tell you that a boost to your self-esteem could help your recovery, so allow me to share some ideas how you can start to feel better about yourself.1. Face your fears. Facing your fears and overcoming them can give you an awesome rush. It can also be just the eating disorder help that you need. There’s nothing like the sense of accomplishing something you first feared. If you’re afraid of snakes, but were finally able to touch and hold a friend’s pet snake, or if you were scared of heights and went bungee jumping, by facing that fear head on your self-confidence would go through the roof! I’ve heard stories shared in eating disorder support groups of people overcoming fears that had kept them playing small only to overcome them and go on to conquer more and more fears in an unstoppable way.2. Master a skill/become an expert. Pick something that interests you like art history, wine making, gardening, or sustainable living. Choose something you’re passionate about and become a master at/of it. That’s one thing in the world you know as well as anyone else. What a sense of achievement that can give you. It may be just the right eating disorder help you’re looking for.3. Get out there and get moving. Even if you’re not an outdoorsy person, get up and get moving! Being outside in the fresh air and the sun on your face with your heart racing can invigorate you and make you feel better both physically and mentally. If you don’t like the outdoors, just move your body. Yoga, dance, Tai-chi, karate, kick-boxing – whatever! If you’re an over-exercising addict, then your prescription is just the opposite – take a break and be kind to your body. But, if you’ve been slacking on your physical routine, pick yourself up and at least take yourself for a nice walk. Your body will thank you and you’ll feel better about yourself at the same time.4. Create something. There’s a huge sense of fulfillment that comes when we create with our two hands. Seeing your imagination come to life will fulfill your heart’s desire to create something in the world. Heck, you could decide to make all of your holiday presents by hand or scrapbook your last great vacation. Whatever turns you on – just do it! Get yourself down to the craft store and go wild. Glue something. Draw something. Design or photograph something.Even clearing out your closet or getting your desk organized can hep you feel better about yourself. The sense of accomplishment will make you feel more worthy. It is that sense of worthiness that leads to your eating disorder help.5. Be generous. Help out a neighbor who is sick. Go over and cook for a family who recently had a baby. Donate to your local shelter or a charity. Be a responsible citizen and member of your community. You may be amazed at how these seemingly unrelated things can help you feel better about yourself.

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